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 n recent months something like 8 kids killed themselves, 3 men were tortured and killed in the Bronx and that's just the "big" stories. I'm guessing countless others have been harassed, abused or whatever based on their racial/sexual/gender/ religious identity.

So from what I know yesterday was National Coming Out Day and I started kind of thinking about what that means...well I guess it's a great chance for closeted queer-folk to come out to their friends, family or whoever while feeling a sense of comfort knowing that plenty of others are going through the same thing at the same time. That's cool. What's not so cool if that "coming out" is such a fucking strenuous task that it needs a fucking day! Man, I would really like to think that in 2010...when jobs are hard to find and it's pretty hard to refer to the leaders of this country as "our government" without feeling the dull ache of dishonesty, that telling someone you like other guys, girls or both or that you identify as something other than what society dictates you should would be a non-issue met with "well if it makes you happy, if thats who you are and how you're comfortable that's cool...now let's fix the real problems that we've been stuck with". Such is idealism...

I can sit and hope for people to accept that not everyone subscribes to their narrow worldview until the cows come home* but I think maybe bigotry and prejudice is being dealt with in a slightly misguided way...

I think the only way to deal with homophobia and bigotry in general is by just forcing those guilty to realize how fucking stupid it is. I've been guilty of it in my life, plenty of us have. I as a preteen was pretty intensely homophobic...it's clear to me now that it stemmed from my discomfort with my own struggles with gender in a generally conservative environment but once I got to my late teens I started reading more than horror novels and war criminal memoirs and realized how stupid my prejudices made me look. My struggles with racial prejudice lasted a bit longer sadly...partially a result of the environment my formative years in and partially a result of some of the more unfortunate aspects of the punk rock and heavy metal cultures I was exposed to at a young age. I denied my prejudices for a long time until a dear friend of mine basically called me out and said "You're too cool to believe this dumb shit, you know it's stupid, you've told me you feel horrible about it so cut it the fuck out". I did...I confronted my own bullshit and realized entirely that it was just that and I could be a cooler person if I just reconditioned myself against it.

Bigotry is dumb. It's just stupid and I think it's about time that instead of trying to tell people how "wrong" it is we just let people know just how fucking stupid it is.

People are conditioned into hatred. I'm hard pressed anyone is genuinely hateful for fun. Even someone like Ann Coulter isn't hateful for fun, she's hateful for money.

People need to be forced to confront their own bullshit. Maybe instead of looking down on bigots and telling them how wrong they are we should ask them "why?" and leave them with that...or better yet, help them to understand why they have their shit so backwards.

It's sounds idealist but I think automatically shooting down something as "too idealistic" is just a cop-out of real work.
I do it all the time, I tell myself I'm thinking in too idealistic terms constantly...I've been conditioned to. Funny how that works...

*cows come home? where did this expression come from? Did someone have cows that left and were expected home at some point but didn't show? It just became such a known thing that the cows wouldn't be returning that someone started saying this?

Let The Right One In/ The Inchtabokatables

 I was a bit late to the party with this Swedish film. I watched it last year and was so excited when I first put it on based on the wild amounts of positive press it had garnered since release. I was bored to tears. Now, I understand the Bergman influence and what Alfredson was going for but I can't help feel in his quest for a certain ambience he completely ignored the need for appropriate pacing in feature length pieces. I love the film conceptually and thats probably why I'm one of the few who has hope for the American re-imagining that's about to be released.  Thats it. 

and I totally forgot how incredible The Inchtabokatables are.  

I wish I could remember the name of the song that first got me into them. One of the coolest fusions of folk/punk I've ever heard. I hope I remember it one day.

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